5 Gold Coast Bars Where to Meet Hot Girls

5 Gold Coast Bars Where to Meet Hot Girls

5 Gold Coast Bars Where to Meet Hot Girls

Meeting you sugar babe in a site is sure bet. Simply put up a profile and just browse away all the marvellous choices. At times it feels good to just go out and try the good old fashioned way of approaching a girl.

There are at least 5 Gold Coast bars where to meet hot girls. Girls who love to go out to have a good time and meet someone, especially a sugar daddy. If a sugar daddy approaches them it might be exactly what they were hoping for. So here is a list of 5 Gold Coast bars where to meet hot girls.


sin-city-gold-coast-sugar-daddyIt’s one place in Australia that’s renowned for its nightlife scene, and one of favourite hot spots women and hot sugar babes to go clubbing.



When you walk in, the whole place is lit with bedazzling lights. Easily one of the most impressive rigs of any club, with 400 square meters of LED lighting, it’s got the full kits of lasers, haze machines and strobes. Just as bright are the staff, easily identifiable in their super cute, gold bandage dresses. This fun venue has every girl in town dancing here including hot sugar babes hoping to be noticed.



Arguably one of the best names ever for a nightspot, it’s also one of the most popular with the locals. Classy decor to match the colourful outfits worn by bar staff and party promoters, there’s never a dull moment at this Broadbeach haunt. Where all the beautiful and hot sugar babes flock to.



Alive is one of the newest editions to the Glitter Strip’s avenue of nightclub and is already making waves with the party people on the Coast. Glitter is what girls’ love and you are sure to see hot sugar babes wondering around this glittering place.



You’re not a Gold Coast girl if you haven’t posed for a photo in front of the ginormous wallpaper of Channing Tatum in the ladies powder room. This award-winning Broadbeach nightclub is home to the comfiest lounges in the history of bars. The biggest club on the coast, which brings big acts from around Australia and around the world, you bet you will spot hot sugar babes in here.